Social Media Giant Reveals Shocking Numbers In Their Fight Against Terrorism

September 09, 2016Sep 09, 2016

In a recent release of company information, the popular social media networking site, Twitter Inc., has reportedly shut down over 360,000 accounts for terror like activities to include threatening or promoting terrorist acts.  The data goes back to mid 2015, however an additional 235,000 accounts have been suspended since February alone.

Twitter went on record to say its daily suspension of accounts linked to terrorism has jumped by 80% since last year. In a social media world that knows no border control or immigration, Twitter has seen an explosive increase in the number of celebratory posts about terror attacks in Europe and abroad. To combat the issue, Twitter and it's team of account reviewers has been working to develop algorithms to identify such accounts, though a computerized system is not currently available.

The company openly admits the majority of account shut downs come from users who report terror activity on accounts when they see it. Twitter has increased its response time for such account reviews and is now trying to tackle the issue of Account Renewals by terrorists whose accounts get shut down.  

Until such time, it will take all users to monitor the web and report any suspicious activity they see.