Social Media Freaks Out After Famous Fox News Host Says He Hasn't Washed His Hands in a Decade

February 11, 2019Feb 11, 2019

A news anchor for Fox made headlines around the world after revealing something very personal about himself. His admission came after he said he was trying to say more things "on air" that he says "off air".

Fox News host Pete Hegseth joked with his fellow news anchors that he doesn't think he has actually washed his hands in ten years. The other hosts looked stunned at his news!

"On Fox and Friends Sunday morning, Hegseth told his co-hosts, Ed Henry and Jedediah Bila, that he didn't believe in the sanitary activity. The admission was prompted by Bila calling out Hegseth for eating leftover day-old pizza on the set," according to the USA Today.

Social media went crazy! Many criticized Pete for not believing in science or for making other people potentially ill. The story made news even in other countries.

However, Pete has now responded. He took to Twitter to defend himself and call out the outrage that was spreading. Some of his supporters also got online and mentioned that it was clearly a joke and people shouldn't take things so seriously.

"To paraphrase the President from an hour ago: The Media is so self-righteous and ANGRY! Loosen up and have some fun. The Country is doing well (as is my health!) P.S. I also support drinking from garden hoses & riding bikes w/o a helmet. Cue outrage," he tweeted.

Hegseth says the joke is a call-out to germ obsessors to lighten up. "My half-hearted commentary to the point is, we live in a society where people walk around with bottles of Purell in their pockets, and they sanitize 19,000 times a day as if that’s going to save their life," he said. "I take care of myself and all that, but I don’t obsess over everything all the time."

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