Social Media BLASTS Lady Gaga's 'Nazi' Pantsuit At Hillary Rally

November 08, 2016Nov 08, 2016

Perhaps eccentric pop singer Lady Gaga thought she was being clever by donning a pantsuit from the Michael Jackson collection, but on the eve of the election at a Hillary Clinton rally, it smacked of poor taste by many on social media who likened it to a futuristic Nazi uniform.

According to UK's The Sun, social media users blasted the outfit choice, saying she was sending the wrong message as she was performing "Come to Mama."

Ed Gallagher wrote on Twitter, "Did no one say to Lady Gaga, 'Hey that's a great outfit but maybe something less.. what's the word I'm looking for?... oh yeah 'less Nazi.'"

Kim John Cade also wrote on Twitter, "Lady Gaga dressed like a Nazi at Hillarys NC rally... And they kept saying Trump was Hitler??"

Ximena also commented, "When @ladygaga dresses as nazi!Sums up right about everything what's wrong with @HillaryClinton campaign."

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