Smoke Detectors Recalled for Not Working Properly

July 12, 2019Jul 12, 2019

Smoke detectors are some of the most important things inside our homes. They are rarely thought about but they can ultimately be the deciding factor between life or death in the case of a fire.

Millions of people have smoke detectors in their homes. However, a scary new report has just come in that says some of them may not be working properly. Roughly 180,000 smoke alarms are under recall because they may not activate in a fire.

The alarms, sold by Universal Security Instruments, are battery-powered ionized smoke and fire alarms and were sold online between July 2015 and December 2016 for about $20. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says they have a misaligned internal switch that may prevent them from properly activating," wrote Bay News.

They have model numbers MI3050S and MI3050SB and date codes between 2015JAN19 through 2016JUL11.

Officials are urging people to check their detectors and make sure they are in working order. There have been over 125 reports of failed detectors so far.

Contact the company at 877-612-6955 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or go to and click on "Product Safety Notice" if you think you're at risk or have other questions.

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