Small Poodle Senses The Sick And Rushes To Serve

June 23, 2015Jun 23, 2015

Every morning, Nala arrives at a nursing home in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  There she makes the rounds to visit her friends.  Nala is a small black tea-cup poodle.  Her friends are the elderly and infirmed.  

Nala knows her way around the nursing home and even rides the elevator to the different floors, although she needs help pressing the buttons.  Doug Dawson, Nala’s owner brings her with him to work everyday.  “If you set her down, she’ll pick out the person with alzheimer’s.  She has a way of picking the sick.”  

Nala can sense who needs her the most as in the case of Inez Gugisberg.  Nala went straight to Inez’s side and spent time with her just an hour before Inez passed away.  

“She’s here for a purpose, she’s really doing God’s work”, Doug says.  All of the patients and staff at the nursing home agree.  

Watch the touching story below…