‘Skeletal’ Angelina Jolie Warned About Dangerous Weight Loss?

It is Angelina Jolie dangerously underweight? One tabloid claims the “skeletal” actress is dropping pounds at an alarming rate. Let’s check in on the Eternals Star

Angelina Jolie ‘Wastes Away’ To 98 Lbs?

This week, National Enquirer reports Angelina Jolie is scaring her friends with her “paper-thin” appearance. According to the tabloid, if Jolie doesn’t put some meat on her bones soon, she’s looking at a plethora of life-threatening health issues. “Angie’s weight has reached the point where it’s scaring friends and loved ones,” an insider dishes. “She barely touches food when she sits down to eat and she’s clearly not getting enough nutrients.”

The source goes on, “Her arms look like toothpicks and her bones almost seem to be sticking out of her skin!” The tabloid consults a “longevity expert” who hasn’t treated Jolie. “At 98 pounds, she’s displaying signs of osteoporosis, which is a dangerous condition of depleted bone mass caused by excessive and dangerous weight loss,” the doctor explains. “If she falls, she’s at significant risk for breaking bones and far more critical medical issues!”

The tabloid then points to Jolie’s recent red-carpet appearance for the Eternals premiere. Jolie wore a long, gold-colored lip ring that reached down to her chin during the event. According to the magazine, the flashy piece might make it more difficult to eat. “She’s obviously struggling with weight issues and by adorning herself with something that prevents her from eating, she may be sending a dangerous signal to young girls suffering from similar issues.”

Angelina Jolie Starving Herself?

This report is offensive, ill-informed and outright bizarre. First of all, the tabloid has absolutely no insight into Jolie’s lifestyle or diet. Some people struggle to gain weight due to genetic factors. Their diet could have nothing at all to do with it. And since Jolie has always cut a slim figure, it’s totally possible that’s the case. Besides, Jolie certainly doesn’t look drastically different than she did years ago, so we doubt she’s “scaring” her loved ones with her appearance. Both Jolie and her children looked happy and healthy at the red carpet. EternalsRegardless.

But it’s absolutely ludicrous to criticize Jolie’s lip ring in association with her weight. First, she was on red carpet. Red carpet is not a place to eat. You know what else could stop someone from eating? Lipstick. However, nobody seems to be offended by actresses who dress up for a premiere. This report was just an extremely unsubtle example of body-shaming — nothing more.

The Tabloid on Angelina Jolie

This isn’t even the first time the National Enquirer This story has been published by the tabloid. The tabloid reported last year that Jolie was trying to kill Brad Pitt, her ex-husband. The magazine reported that Jolie was on a hunger strike as part of her divorce proceedings. Then the outlet alleged Jolie was scary skinny after a “mystery hospital stay.” Obviously, the Enquire has a fixation on Jolie’s weight and shouldn’t be trusted to report accurately on the actress.