Famous Tv Series Actor Dies in Beverly Hills

August 31, 2017Aug 31, 2017

Richard Anderson, the well-known actor who had over 200 roles during his six-decade career, has passed away. He died at his Beverly Hills home on Thursday, according to TMZ. He was 91 years old. 

Richard is best known for his starring role as Oscar Goldman in the popular television show, “The Six Million Dollar Man.” Anderson appeared in each of the shows 99 episodes during its run in the 70’s. 

The hit show, which also starred Lee Majors as the U.S. astronaut named Steve Austin, was a first of its kind. The show was centered around Majors’ character who was injured in a crash and was then rebuilt with artificial limbs and other parts to give him superhuman strength and speed.

Majors’ made a statement Thursday expressing his sadness over the loss of his friend. "Richard became a dear and loyal friend, and I have never met a man like him.” 

"I called him 'Old Money.' His always stylish attire, his class, calmness, and knowledge never faltered in his 91 years," Majors said.  He also expressed that Anderson was "still the sweet charming man" after the two had spoken in the recent weeks. 

“The Six Million Dollar Man” originally began as a television movie in 1973, then with the success the movie, it turned into a weekly series. Following the success of the show, “The Bionic Woman” became a spinoff in 1976. 

Anderson also played the role of Goldman on that show as well. Sometimes even appearing in both series from week to week. 

Anderson also went on to star in many other films including, “The Long Hot Summer,” “Compulsion,” and “The Wackiest Ship in the Navy” to name a few. He also had various television credits and even produced “The Six Dollar Man” and “Bionic Woman” when they became TV movies years later.

Please pray for his family during this difficult time. Also, be sure and check out our other story about the one-year-old boy who was taken at gun point. Please keep him in your prayers as well! 

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