Sister of Kavanaugh's Ex-Girlfriend Comes Forward, Reveals Bombshell Statement Ford Never Expected

September 27, 2018Sep 27, 2018

The nation has become further divided since the sexual misconduct allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, the nominee for the Supreme Court, recently surfaced. Although no credible evidence has ever come to light that condemns Kavanaugh, many critics of the Trump administration are already calling for him to be removed as a potential new Supreme Court Justice.

The topic has created a tinder box mourned the country. Many people have been highly concerned with sexual assault allegations and how to best report, and investigate, the allegations. Now, new information is coming in from the sister of a woman who used to date Brett Kavanaugh.

According to reports from Western Journal, "One of the women who knew Brett Kavanaugh best in high school is now speaking out about the man she knows, claiming that there was no way he could have sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford — or anyone else, for that matter."

Meghan McCaleb knew Brett while he was at Georgetown Prep. She has gone on the record to state that her sister dated Kavanaugh many years ago but that she has remained close personal friend with the prominent judge ever since.

“Those of us who know Brett best, now and in high school, know that he is a man of honor, integrity, and compassion. He has always been a good person and is a true friend,” McCaleb said during a press conference at the JW Marriott Hotel in Washington D.C., according to LifeSite News.

“The Brett Kavanaugh I know was there when one of my closest friends lost her husband to (Lou Gehrig’s disease), and he invited my friend’s daughter to the father-daughter dance that first year, and every year since,” she told the assemblage. The Brett Kavanaugh I know was days away from his confirmation hearing when my father passed away.”

Meghan goes on to cite an amazing example of the character of Brett Kavanaugh. She said that although his own life was filled by preparing for his coming nomination, Brett took the time to attend her father's funeral and skip preparatory work fo his own. She then commented on Ford's accusations.

“I think she must have had some sort of a horrible situation,” McCaleb said. “But I do not feel that she’s accurate, that it could have been Brett Kavanaugh.

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