Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Details Christine’s ‘Rushed’ Move: Watch

It’s important to pack it. Sister WivesKody BrownHe is now dealing with the fallout from his split. Christine BrownAfter more than 25 consecutive years together.

“I don’t wanna move my stuff out. Christine moved me out, I didn’t want her to move me out. I didn’t give her permission to move me out. You know, I’ve tried to give my wives sort of the sovereignty to feel like they’ve got control over their lives, and in doing so, I made it so I had no control over mine,” the 53-year-old TLC personality says in Us Weekly‘s exclusive clip from the Sunday, October 16, episode.

Later in the teaser Kody and Christine are seen sitting across from one another while they sort out the logistics of their separation. “OK, what about, are you going to want your food storage?” the Brown family patriarch asks. “It’s not mine, it was paid for with the family account,” Christine replies. After her former partner says “some of it’s yours,” she firmly states, “Just take it, I’ll start over.”

Christine Brown and Kody Brown
Courtesy Christine Brown/Instagram

Kody and Kody parted ways in November 2021, according to the Utah native. The spiritually-married couple had six children: Paedon, 24, and Aspyn, 27, Mykelti and Gwendlyn, respectively. Truely, 19, and Truely, 19.

In Use‘ exclusive sneak peek, Kody expresses his frustrations with the quick unraveling of his relationship with Christine. “Honestly I just sometimes struggle with the rush, I just don’t understand it,” he tells her, incredulous that she doesn’t want her share of the food storage.

The Wyoming native reveals his confessional. “It feels hostile to me. I feel like she’s done this as a backstab because she could’ve started talking to me about our relationship a long time ago,” he explains. “And she didn’t, and she drops this on me … and to me it seems really, really rushed. She’s been ready to get out the door from the time that she told me she wanted to stop staying [here].”

Christine, on the other hand, explains in a confessional her reasons for wanting bulk food items to be left behind.

“I’m not part of the Mormon faith, I’m not part of our church anymore. I don’t know even where I stand religiously … but as far as the belief in food storage and things like that, I’m not gonna live in fear like that,” she shares.

This clip contains: Robyn BrownKody, who was married to Judith in 2014, explained the importance of stocking up on non-perishables in the Mormon faith. “You know, it’s taught by our church to, like, have food storage in case the end of the world comes,” she says.

Although Robyn is Kody’s only legal wife, he remains spiritually wed to Meri Brown Janelle Brown.

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