Sister Wives’ Janelle, Kody Brown Clash Over RV Move: Video

Do not see eye to eye! Sister WivesJanelle BrownAnd Kody Brown can’t stop arguing over the logistics of her RV being on their family land.

“We should’ve never bought the RV because we’re going to be moving it all the time,” Kody, 53, says in Us Weekly’s exclusive clip from the Sunday, October 9, episode of the TLC series. “I’m struggling because I’m not optimistic about how this is going to come together.”

Janelle, for her part, is excited about the RV she bought, which she plans to park on the family’s Coyote Pass property in Arizona while building her forever home.

The Wyoming native is also spiritually remarried to Meri BrownLegally wed Robyn Brown, is nervous the other wives won’t like the new plan. (Kody’s third wife, Christine Brown(November 2021, Announcement by, that the patriarch and she had split after more than 25-years.

Janelle and Kody brown
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“Just do me a huge favor,” Kody asks Janelle, 53, while organizing their next steps. “Let’s talk to each one of your sister wives and get their permission for every little aspect that we’re doing when it comes to the property.”

The Utah native — who shares sons Logan, 28, Hunter, 25, Garrison, 23, Gabriel, 20, and girls Maddie26 Savannah, 17, with Kody — says she feels disappointed with his sudden need to run everything by the rest of the women.

“This is typical Kody. He’s all on board for something and then he goes away for a couple of days and he comes back and he’s like, ‘Oh, my God, we have all these problems,’” Janelle tells the cameras.

She insists that her family had already discussed her decision to move onto her plot because her apartment lease expires.

“I don’t need their permission. We’ve already agreed,” Janelle explains during a confessional. “I do not have time for this.”

While Robyn, 43, appeared to be OK with the game plan because it could help the whole family finally pay off the property, Meri, 51, wasn’t as happy about it.

“What if I don’t want an RV pad in that spot where she decides to put her trailer temporarily?” Meri asks during her own confessional.

Janelle, however, was critical of Kody’s inability to support her decision as she was about becoming homeless.

“There’s things that Janelle does frequently that aren’t like a married husband and wife,” Kody tells the cameras. “We do things separate.”

Janelle, for her part, argues: “He’s no longer advocating. He’s no longer acting as my husband here.”

While Janelle moved into the RV in 2021, she revealed during a July Instagram Live that she opted not to return for the summer after her daughter Savannah “struggled” with the living situation.

For more on how Kody is dealing with Janelle’s big move, watch Us Weekly’sExclusive Sister Wives Click the image above.

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