Singer Rushed to Hospital After Losing Consciousness on Airplane

June 02, 2017Jun 02, 2017

Brandy Norwood, famous singer, was rushed to the hospital after losing consciousness on a Delta airline flight Friday morning. She was flying from LAX to JFK.

Brandy Norwood is an R&B and hip-hop singer. She is considered one of the top-selling female artists of all time. She has also won various music awards, including Grammy and Billboard awards. Aside from her music career, she has also had a few different acting roles including playing Cinderella. The artist is related to other popular names in the music industry such as Snoop Dogg and Ray J. 

According to TMZ, law enforcement confirmed that she became unconscious before the plane even left the gate. Thankfully, the local fire department and paramedics arrived quickly. She was then taken to the hospital after regaining her consciousness.

The exact reasoning as to why Brandy became unconscious is still unclear, but ABC News reports she was 'apparently ill' prior to the incident. Many fans are still sending their love through social media.

Brandy released a statement on Friday via Twitter. Her post indicated it was a message from her and her team, which stated, "The stress of all of the traveling and working so incessantly has exhausted her. She will be relaxing for the next few days."

Please join us in prayer for Brandy in hopes of a full recovery. Thank you!