Country Singer Jake Owen Gives First-Hand Description of Vegas Massacre

October 02, 2017Oct 02, 2017

Singer Jake Owen was on stage on Sunday night when the crowd heard gunshots ring throughout the 91 Harvest Country music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

In a recent interview, Owen spoke out about his experience. 

“It got faster and faster, almost like it sounded like it was an automatic rifle. You could hear it ringing off the tops of the rafters of the stage. That’s when you saw people fleeing. At that point, everyone on stage just started running everywhere possible. It was pretty chaotic for sure,” he remarked to the Huffington Post.

Police have confirmed that at least 50 are dead and 400 are injured. This has been called the deadliest mass shooting in recent United States history. Others are calling the incident a massacre. 

“I kind of just ran like everyone else. At one point, I was crouched down behind a cop car with about 20 other people, that were people who had just come to the show,” Owen said in the interview.

“Everyone’s asking if everyone’s okay. There was blood on people. You can see a couple of folks on the street that looked like they had been shot, lying there. It was chaotic. It was literally like a movie that you feel like that you’ve seen before that’s not real life.”

“It was chaos for pure seven to ten minutes ... We live this life of not being scared, which I think is great, but this is the reality these days. This stuff is really happening. We were all scared.”

The suspect, who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, was identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, a resident of nearby town Mesquite. Originally, police were seeking a woman believed to be Paddock's roommate, Marilou Danley, as a person of interest. But detectives later made contact with her and believe that she does not have any involvement with the shooting. 

Fox News reports that two on-duty Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers were injured during the incident. One of the officers is in stable condition after surgery, and the other has sustained minor injuries. On top of that, two off-duty officers attending the concert were shot and killed.  

At this point in time, federal officials do not see any connection between the shooting and international terrorism. And at this point, it is difficult to determine the motive of the killer. 

Singer Jason Aldean, who was performing during the shooting, was singing his last song of the night. Fans were singing along and experiencing a joyful and festive night when they heard gunfire. Initially, many in the audience said that they thought the sound was firecrackers. But as shots continued, Aldean stopped singing and some concertgoers could be heard yelling to each other, "get down! get down!" 

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