Singer DaniLeigh & Infant Daughter Have COVID

DaniLeigh asks for thoughts and prayers as she and her 5-month-old daughter test positive for COVID-19

It seems that no one is safe, given the recent spike in COVID-19 contractions.

DaniLeighA 27-year-old woman posted on Twitter that she and her 5-month old baby girl had been diagnosed with COVID-19.

DaniLeighDeclares that she and the rapper Dababy’s,Jonathan Kirk, a real name, and his daughter are fine. She asks for the prayers and thoughts of her followers. Although she does not give details about how the virus was contracted, the singer urges her fans to don their masks and stay indoors.

“My baby and I have COVID we’re ok and will be ok … appreciate prayers stay masked up and inside y’all..”

Many of you have been touched by the tweet. DaniLeigh’sFans shared their thoughts to send their best wishes and support to the couple as they recover from COVID-19. Many fans also offered their suggestions for her and her daughter’s relief.

Sending thoughts of healing DaniLeighAnd her baby girl.

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