Simon Cowell Supposedly Getting Engaged To Girlfriend Lauren Silverman, Anonymous Insider Says

It is Simon CowellFinally, he is ready for his long-time partner to be his wife. Lauren Silverman? One tabloid claims that the former American IdolThe judge will pop the question anytime now. Let’s check in on the TV personality.

Simon Cowell Ready To ‘Put A Ring On It’?

This week, the National Enquirer According to reports, Simon Cowell is preparing to marry his longtime partner Lauren Silverman. After a horrific bike accident that resulted in a broken back, Cowell has a new lease on his life, and he doesn’t want Silverman to be the one that got away. “It was a miracle he wasn’t permanently paralyzed,” an inside source reveals. “The ordeal has made him appreciate what he has!”

Cowell is nearly ready to pop the question. “It will happen in the spring or summer,” an insider dishes. “She’s been his rock and he wants to repay her with the wedding of her dreams!” The outlet notes that shortly after news broke that Cowell will be replaced on his new musical game show Walk the LinePaparazzi caught him riding with Silverman in London. Cowell is emphasizing that Silverman and his son are his priorities. “She never pushed him, so this is Simon’s decision,” the tipster remarks.

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman Set to Get Married By Next Fall

While it’s possible Silverman and Cowell may one day get engaged, the tabloid’s version of events doesn’t seem likely. We doubt that anyone close enough to Cowell would know about a proposal and share it with a tabloid. According to the report, even Silverman doesn’t know about Cowell’s plans, so how does the magazine? It just doesn’t make sense.

Besides, Cowell’s accident happened over a year ago. It looks like he’s made a full recovery, so if it really did change his perspective on marriage, why wait so long? The magazine’s vague story is unconvincing, to say the least. While anything’s possible, Cowell and Silverman have seemed perfectly content for nine years, so we doubt they’re rushing to the altar any time soon.

The Tabloid on Other Long-Term Couples

This isn’t the only famous couple that doesn’t feel the need to get married. The National Enquirer He is constantly contacting other couples to ask them about getting married. The outlet published a similar report last year claiming that Silverman and Cowell were soon to be engaged. The magazine reported that Oprah Winfrey demanded Stedman Graham, her longtime partner, to propose. The tabloid reported that Kurt Russell and Goldie Hwn had finally tied the knot after 40 years of being together. Evidently, the Enquire doesn’t actually know anything about these couples’ personal lives.