Signs of Declining Resilience: College Students Call Police About Mouse In Apartment

October 05, 2015Oct 05, 2015

"Helicopter parenting" is a popular term these days, but are we seeing the results more and more in our current crop of college students?

Peter Gray, author of Free to Learn, thinks so. In Psychology Today, he gives a number of examples of what is becoming more of the norm with college students:

1. A doubling of emergency calls to campus counseling services in the past five years. Calls range from dealing with everyday problems to being traumatized over being called names.
2. A couple students seeking counseling and calling police after seeing a mouse in their apartment.
3. Students finding it more and more difficult accept low grades and seeing even Bs as failures.
4. Students more likely to blame instructors for low grades and complain rather than study harder as a result.
5. Increased number of diagnosed mental health problems among students.
6. Students less likely to take risks because they're terrified of failure.
7. Increasing number of students admitting suicidal thoughts.

The Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors' past president Dan Jones explains “(Students) haven’t developed skills in how to soothe themselves, because their parents have solved all their problems and removed the obstacles. They don’t seem to have as much grit as previous generations.”

What do you see as the causes of this growing problem and what do you think the solutions are?