SICKENING! Mob Viciously Attacks Homeless Woman Protecting Trump Star

October 31, 2016Oct 31, 2016

In a truly sickening video we have not published here because of its abundant explicit language, a black homeless woman was viciously attacked by a mob on Friday as she tried to protect the remains of Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame after it was destroyed by a man wielding a sledgehammer.


In the video reposted by The Gateway Pundit, the homeless woman, who was photographed earlier holding a sign that read "20 million illegals and Americans sleep on the streets in tents, vote Trump" is seen having her signs ripped away from her as a large group of people encircle her. And then it gets much worse.

People around her began shoving her as they scream for her to get out of there. As the woman tries to pick up one of her signs, a man kicks her shopping cart, sending her sprawling to the pavement. The woman remains on the ground for at least a couple minutes, and it's unclear if she's hurt or simply trying to deter further attacks from the increasingly hostile crowd.

As the woman lays on the ground, the mob continues to mock and threaten her, screaming obscenities and calling her crude names.

As a man kicks the cart again, which is lying against the woman, another man who appears to be the one filming the incident says, "Don't touch her, don't touch her. Let her be."

The crowd continues to jeer at her, stealing more pro-Trump signs out of her cart.

One man next to the cameraman gets up close to the woman and says, "Didn't I tell you about five minutes ago that somebody is going to walk by here and, no, I would not defend you because you spewed hate and you've got hate. You got exactly what you were dishing out. I told you. I warned you on that, didn't I?"

"Hey, where's Trump at? Where's Trump at?" the mob continues to yell at her as they rip up more of her signs and throw them at her.

The man next to the cameraman began talking again to the woman, saying, "I told you, though! I told you that [expletive] was going to happen. I told you, and you looked at me. You asked me as a black man if I would defend you. I told you no. I told you no."

Finally after two minutes of the homeless woman laying on the ground, a young black woman approaches her and asks if she needs some water.


"She don't need anything," a man replies.

The video ends before we can see what happens next.

Now The Gateway Pundit is reporting that Trump's Attorney, Michael Cohen, is searching for the homeless woman to give her something on behalf of Trump.

Writing on Twitter, Cohen said, "Someone please help me find this woman. No person should ever be treated this way!!!"

A lengthy Twitter conversation over the weekend shows Cohen following up on leads on the women's identity and posting video screenshots of her attackers so that they can be brought to justice.

Meanwhile, according to the Los Angeles Daily News, a group of Trump supporters took the homeless woman's place and rallied around Trump's star over the weekend, drawing support and jeers from onlookers.