Shots Fired After Suspected Killer Ambushes Officers

January 12, 2018Jan 12, 2018

Jonathan Bennett, who is being accused of killing his baby's mother, was recently found in another incident. According to AP News, Bennett opened fire on officers as they gathered for a briefing near headquarters. The shots wounded one of them and the suspect was killed in a shootout.


Bennett, 23, apparently found the officers as they were gathered together in a parking garage. Then, he decided to open fire on them, firing numerous shots. He was able to wound one officer, but before he was able to kill anybody, the officers responded. 

The officers returned fire, killing the suspected killer, according to AP News. 

The officers were the first ones to call it an ambush. In fact, according to Police Chief Kerr Putney, "he ambushed us, he shot at us." 

The person injured in the shootout was officer Casey Shue, who first joined the police force in 2014. Reports claim that the injury isn't deadly. Rather, he was shot in the leg and immediately taken to the hospital. Shue didn't fire his weapon, but the other two officers did, and have been placed on administrative leave while the department of internal affairs reviews the shootout.

In order to investigate the shooting, investigators are currently checking to see if there are any surveillance video of the shooting. It doesn't appear that any of the officers were wearing body-camera videos during the time of the incident. 

The officers claim that during a shootout, it isn't something that a person immediately thinks about to turn on a body camera. As a result, they didn't remember to turn the body cameras on during the shooting. 

The officers are unaware of why Bennett was near police headquarters, but they do say that it was obvious that the police were indeed looking for him. 

Britanny White, 24, was the person killed in a shooting on Thursday, after the abduction of her two-month-old daughter, Journei Bennett.

An amber alert was issued for her after the abduction and she was eventually found. Another child was found unharmed where White was killed. At this time, there are no other details available to the public for immediate release about the children.

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