Senseless Violence at Nipsey Hussle Funeral Leaves 1 Dead, 3 Injured

April 12, 2019Apr 12, 2019

Violence isn't something that you'd expect at a funeral. Sadly, violence that the Los Angeles police called “senseless violence,” occurred during the funeral for deceased rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Hussle was killed in a shooting. Now, one person was killed in a shooting at his funeral and another 3 people injured, reported PEOPLE.

The shooting was a drive-by along Hussle’s 25.5-mile long funeral procession route Thursday evening.

Los Angeles Police Chief Michael Moore confirmed the incident on Twitter writing, “In the midst of this procession we have a multi-4 shooting at 103 St. and Main St.”

Moore revealed the victims are “3 male blacks and 1 female black — ages from 30- 50 years old. Tragically one is deceased.”

The police chief also noted that the shooting came from a gray Hyundai. Moore pleaded, “We must stop this senseless violence."

Nipsey Hussle was killed on March 31 outside of his Marathon Clothing store in Hyde Park. He left behind his longtime girlfriend Lauren London, who he shared a 2-year-old son with.

The actress shared her sorrow at his memorial. Her words were listened to by the 21,000 people who were gathered to pay respects to the entertainer.

The 34-year-old said, “Never would I prepare for something like this so bear with me, all." She continued, “Ermias [Nipsey's real name] was asleep one morning and I was watching him because I used to love to watch him sleep and I wrote him a text while he was sleeping so when he woke up he would read it,” said London, who also shared a copy of the text message in the funeral’s pamphlet.

“I want you to know I feel real joy in my heart when I’m around you. I feel safe around you. Protected. Like a shield over me when you’re around, I am totally myself when I’m with you,” London had written. “You’ve made me into more of a woman. You’ve given me an opportunity to really love a man."

One week before the shooting at Hussle’s procession, hundreds of grieving fans found themselves running for their lives after chaos erupted when somebody opened fire on some members of the crowd.

At the memorial, 19 people had been injured in the panic and some had been stabbed. Later, two women were found to have been shot.

Eric Holder, 29, has since been charged with Hussle’s murder, as well as two counts of attempted murder and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon, according to a release from the Los Angeles County’s District Attorney’s Office.

Please pray for Nipsey Hussle's family and the victims of this latest shooting. May God stop the senseless violence.

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