Shocking! Which Republican Candidate Has The Most Support From Muslims?

March 04, 2016Mar 04, 2016

A new poll from CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) just conducted a poll in which the results are shocking, even to them.

The participants in the poll, of whom all were Muslim, were asked which candidate they supported for president.  Naturally the Democratic candidates received the highest amount of support, partly due to their unwillingness to tackle the issue of radical Islamic terrorism.  The fight against radical Islamic terrorism tends to lead to perceived cases of “Islamophobia” and other claims of discrimination. 

Hillary Clinton had 46% of Muslim support while Bernie Sanders had 25% support.  However the real surprise is that Donald Trump led all Republican candidates with 11% of Muslim support, despite his call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country in the wake of increased terrorist attacks.

Trump’s support is more than all of the other Republican candidates combined.  According to Breitbart, Marco Rubio had 4%, Ted Cruz had 2%, and John Kasich had only 1%.