SHOCKING: Watch What Happens To Man Who Tries To Steal Trump Sign

September 30, 2016Sep 30, 2016

Anti-Trump hatred has reached an all time high in America. Mainstream media outlets act as if it is their sacred duty to tear down Republican leaning candidates.

The hatred isn’t limited to Democratic party officials or the mainstream media. Regular citizens have jumped on the hate filled anti-Trump bandwagon. Trump supporters have been violently attacked in cities around the country. In the suburbs, people’s personal property has been vandalized.

For example a man has repeatedly been the victim of vandalism and theft when his neighbor trespassed onto his private property and stole his Trump yard sign. However, the man took action to protect his property and teach the thief a lesson.

The man electrified his Trump sign, set up a camera and waited for the next liberal vandal to try and still his sign. The thief learned a lesson that he won’t soon forget…