SHOCKING: Trump Nabs Establishment Endorsements!

February 25, 2016Feb 25, 2016

The presidential race is marked with the time honored tradition of endorsements by political peers.  At this point in the race, Marco Rubio has secured 59 endorsements from sitting politicians.

Up until yesterday, Donald Trump had zero endorsements from governors, congressmen or senators.  That number comes as no shock due to the fact that Trump is running his campaign entirely on the notion that he is a political “outsider” who is set to shatter the mold of conventional politics.

The Trump train continues to pick up steam.  He has won the last three states by a large margin and is in prime position to secure the Republican nomination.  According to Politico, two congressmen have now rallied behind Trump and publicly endorsed him.

Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and Congressman Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) have both endorsed the businessman’s bid for the presidency.  Collins chose to endorse Trump because he “has the guts and fortitude” to bring jobs back to America and take on the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.

As Trump continues to pull further ahead of his opponents, the endorsements will continue to grow.