Shocking: Trump Backs Out Of MAJOR Conservative Event

March 05, 2016Mar 05, 2016

Donald Trump was scheduled to speak at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) on Saturday.  According to CNN, Trump decided to drop the large conservative gathering and will instead campaign in Kentucky and Florida.

“We are very disappointed Donald Trump has decided at the last minute to drop out of CPAC,” The American Conservative Union said. “This comes at a critical time in our movement’s history. His decision sends a clear message to grassroots conservatives. CPAC is the heart and soul of the conservative movement and will be, with or without Mr. Trump. Since we invited him several months ago, and Mr. Trump accepted our invitation and terms, we made it clear all candidates would follow the same format. And now he is backing out.”

Trump has participated in CPAC the past couple of years and his campaign said that Trump “looks forward to returning next year, hopefully as president of the United States.”

It is unclear if Thursday’s debate performance in which Trump switched sides on multiple issues has anything to do with Trump’s sudden change of plans.