SHOCKING: Student Targeted And Kicked Out Of University For Biblical Beliefs

May 04, 2016May 04, 2016

In what is becoming commonplace in America, Christians are being targeted and persecuted for their belief in the word of God and for standing up for their beliefs.

A former counseling student at Missouri State, Andrew Cash, is suing the president of the university, the board of governors, and the head of the counseling department for infringing his 1st amendment rights and kicking him out of the school for not championing their liberal viewpoint.

According to the lawsuit, the university asked Cash about a hypothetical situation in which a same sex couple sought counseling from Cash, would he be comfortable counseling them? As WND reported, the answer that Cash gave was apparently unsatisfactory because he was booted from the program.

“It became known to his academic adviser that Cash would not counsel a gay couple with regards to their relationship,” Cash’s legal team said. “He expressed that he would be happy to counsel gay individuals on any other matter, for instance, depression or anxiety, and would be glad to refer them to a counselor better fit to advise on same-sex relationship matters.”

Once the university learned of his religious stance and unwillingness to advise on the intricacies of gay relationship, they stopped him from continuing in his studies.

Cash has since filed a lawsuit seeking damages and a full reinstatement.