SHOCKING: State Of Washington To Openly Push Transgender Agenda On Kindergartners

June 03, 2016Jun 03, 2016

You read the headline correctly. The state of Washington is going to teach very young children that boys can be girls and girls can boys. Not only are they teaching that false and harmful agenda but they are telling those same kids that they must accept the fallacy as truth and respect a person’s choice to identify as something they are not.

The indoctrination will begin taking place in Washington public schools starting in the fall of 2017. According to the Daily Caller, the transgender agenda will begin to be pushed onto the students starting as early as Kindergarten. The children will be taught to distinguish between “safe touch” and “unwanted touch.” The kindergartners will also be taught that gender can be expressed in many ways and isn’t based on the male / female reality.

By the time the students reach 3rd grade they will be fully brainwashed into believing that “gender roles can vary considerably” and that a person’s gender isn’t based on the fact that they are a male or a female, but rather their “inner sense of their gender.”

In the 4th grade, Washington youth will be taught how to “identify how friends and family can influence ideas regarding gender roles, identity, and expression. The next year the students will be forced to “identify trusted adults to ask questions about gender identity and sexual orientation.”

The State of Washington has not said yet what would happen if the student rejects the state’s ridiculous gender agenda and holds firm to reality and their beliefs.