Shocking Poll Reveals The Truth About Americans And Their Politics

January 12, 2016Jan 12, 2016

Americans are no longer willing to allow themselves to be lumped into one of the two major political factions.  Democrats and Republicans have turned to fighting, name calling, and lobbing accusations at each other.   Americans have taken notice and have started to withhold their allegiance until the right candidate comes along.

According to recent Gallup poll, the number of Americans who identify as either a Republican or a Democrat are at an all time low.  Of the people surveyed, 29% identified as a Democrat and 26% identified as a Republican.  The biggest surprise in the poll is that 42% of the people polled say they identify as being politically independent.

“Americans’ attachment to the two major political parties in recent years is arguably the weakest Gallup has recorded since the advent of its polls.  The percentage of U.S. adults identifying as political independents has recently reached levels never seen before,” Gallup said in a statement.

Are you fed up with the two major political parties?