SHOCKING Poll Reveals Incredibly Good News For Donald Trump

March 20, 2016Mar 20, 2016

A new poll has revealed a massive separation between the top two Republican presidential candidates.  According to Breitbart, a new poll from Emerson College shows that Donald Trump is ahead of Ted Cruz in New York by over 50%  That’s right, 50%.

Trump sits atop the New York polls with 65% of the vote.  His closest competitor, Ted Cruz, is far behind in second place with a mere 12% of New York Republican support.

The polling took place from March 14th through March 16th, while Marco Rubio was still in the race.  Rubio garnered only 4% of the vote and Kasich barely made the poll with 1%.

New York is Donald Trump’s home state and he is expected to do well there, however, no one could have predicted that he would be a whole 53% higher than his next closest competitor.