SHOCKING Poll Reveals How FEW Evangelicals are Paying Much Attention to Election!

March 30, 2016Mar 30, 2016

A new Barna poll has shocking findings. Only 20% of evangelicals are paying close attention to the 2016 presidential race!

But a deeper look shows another side to the story.


First, to be specific. The poll separates evangelicals from "non-evangelical born again Christians," who it defines as Christians who say they have a saving faith but don't adhere to what the Barna Group considers to be the fundamental beliefs of evangelical Christianity. Also separated are "notional Christians" — those who call themselves Christian but say they aren't assured of their salvation. For both groups, about 30% of them are paying close attention to the election.

Next, interestingly enough, even though evangelicals rank as the least interested religious group in the election, 78% of them consider who wins the election to be "extremely important to the future of the United States," making them the most concerned religious group.

But here's why evangelicals who care so much about the election are paying so little attention to it. According to Barna, only 5% of evangelicals believe "the media is providing fair and objective coverage of the campaign."

In other words, evangelicals may care a lot about what's going in the political world right now, but they don't rely on the mainstream media to give them the narrative.