Shocking Photos of 'Sea of Plastic' Have Taken the Internet by Storm

October 29, 2017Oct 29, 2017

Recently, a reporter made a major discovery off the coast of an island in the Caribbean Sea. The images she has since released have now gone viral and been seen around the world.

Caroline Power is an underwater photographer and her work has been showcased in numerous publications. Recently, she made a shocking discovery near the island of Roatan, off the coast of Honduras. She discovered a giant pool of trash floating in the water and was able to capture the powerful images.

“In the pictures, large masses made up of plastic bottles, cutlery and polystyrene plates can be seen floating on the water,” according to reports.

"This has to stop," Ms. Power said in her Facebook post. “Think about your daily lives. How did you take your food to go last time you ate out? How was your last street food served? Chances are it was styrofoam and served with a plastic fork and then put in a plastic bag."

Sadly, giant “trash slicks” like this one are becoming more and more common. When the currents carry trash, sometimes the waters spin it in a way that it will all gather in one place and stay together.

Power thinks there needs to be a better response system, perhaps initiated by governments, to deal with “trash slicks” when they are discovered. For this particular incident, reports state that officials believe the trash and debris were coming into the sea from the nearby Motagua River, in Guatemala.

"Separate your organic and recyclables and keep everything else for one week. You will be disgusted how many single-use items you use,” she said. “Do you really need that plastic fork with your street food or take away container?”

What do you think about this? Do you see her discovery as a reminder to take care of the earth that God has entrusted to us? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section of our Facebook page! In other recent news, President Trump has responded to the California billionaire who is planning to spend millions in an effort to impeach the president. 

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