SHOCKING! ‘Peaceful’ Anti-Trump Shia LaBeouf Protest DISSOLVED For This Reason

February 10, 2017Feb 10, 2017

Since President Trump was inaugurated on Jan. 20, a group of liberal “activists” have been protesting the president’s “divisiveness” by standing in front of a live-streaming webcam and droning repeatedly “He will not divide us. He will not divided us. He will not divide us.”

The “performance art” installation on the wall of the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York was created by “Transformers” actor Shia LaBeouf, 30, who is also a participant in the protest.

Shia’s role got nationwide attention when he was arrested and charged last month for attacking another protester. His arrest was caught on live camera and comedically featured by media analyst Mark Dice:

Now, according to Yahoo News, the protest “artwork” has been shut down entirely because of repeated incidences that have made it a serious detriment to the museum, despite the fact that the installation piece was intended to run for all four years of Trump’s first term.

Officials called the protest art a “flashpoint for violence” and said it “deteriorated markedly after one of the artists was arrested on the site of the installation and ultimately necessitated this action.”

They also noted that, “Over the course of the installation, there have been dozens of threats of violence and numerous arrests, such that police felt compelled to be stationed outside the installation 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

The museum made it clear that the violence had gotten so bad that they feared for the safety of their visitors, especially schoolchildren.

Shia, who posted nothing on Twitter but “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US” for six days straight before the inauguration, tweeted the phrase “THE MUSEUM HAS ABANDONED USE” Friday morning in response.

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