Shocking: Paris Terrorist STILL On The Run After Massive Police Blunder

December 22, 2015Dec 22, 2015

Paris terrorist, Salah Abdeslam has evaded capture thus far and is still on the run.  Abdeslam managed to slip through three separate police checkpoints within hours after the deadly Paris attacks.  According to Breitbart, investigators have confirmed that a Belgian man, Hamza Attou, assisted in Abdeslam’s escape by driving him out of Paris.

Abdeslam was one of the radical Islamic cowards that set out to terrorize Paris through the horrific killings of innocent people.  However for reasons unknown, as the attacks took place, Abdeslam removed and discarded his suicide vest and fled into the night. 


Along with Attou and a third man, Mohamed Amri, the three men drove from Paris to Brussels.  The first time the terrorists were stopped, the police asked them if they had been doing drugs, as they were all high on marijuana.  They admitted they were but were let go as the police said that it was not a priority due to the attacks.

The second time they were stopped and asked for their identification cards.  Inexplicably they were allowed to continue on.  On the third stop, Abdeslam even gave his real address in addition to showing his identification card.  The three men were once again released.  Later, the car was found abandoned.

One can understand policemen not wanting to be accused of profiling, but in the light of such horrific attacks carried out by a very specific group of people, the policemen should have paid more attention to these three drugged up terrorists.  Abdelsam is now thought to have fled Europe altogether and rejoined ISIS.