SHOCKING: New Results Show Presidential Race Is Closer Than It’s Ever Been

June 29, 2016Jun 29, 2016

The mainstream media has recently paraded around a slew of polls that show Donald Trump trailing far behind Hillary Clinton in the race for the presidency. Several polls even showed Trump trailing by double digits.

Despite the push by the media to make people believe that Trump is falling far behind, a new poll shatters that notion and shows just how close the race really is. According to the Daily Caller, 1,610 people were surveyed within the past week and it appears that the race will come down to the wire.

Out of the 1,610 people polled, 42 percent chose Hillary Clinton for president while 40 percent supported Donald Trump.  When one takes the margin of error into account, what you are looking at is a statistical tie.

Compared to a previous poll, Hillary’s support has dropped while Trump’s has risen. When taking the 3rd party candidates into consideration, Trump’s numbers against Hillary still hold steady at 2 points behind.

The race is just heating up and it appears Trump is in it for the long haul.