SHOCKING! New Report Shines Light On Obama’s Devastating Immigration Policy.

March 14, 2016Mar 14, 2016

In a shocking affirmation of just how dangerous having an unsecured border is, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) revealed what happened when 124 criminal illegal aliens were released from jail in accordance with the Obama administration’s policies.

Since 2010 there have been 124 illegal immigrants released back into the U.S. population that have been charged with murder.  According to the Washington Examiner, the 124 illegal immigrants are responsible for a total of 135 murders.  Of those charged with murder, two of the illegals had previous homicide related convictions prior to their release.

Even more shocking is that in the same time frame, ICE had released 30,558 illegals who had been convicted of a total of 92,347 crimes!  These criminals, who are in the country illegally were turned loose on the American population.  Furthermore, the ICE report shows that only 3 percent of them have been deported.

Obama recently said that he is not to blame for the rise of Donald Trump.  However, this report shows that he is far more responsible for Trump and his desire to build a wall than he thinks.