SHOCKING: New Poll Reveals Clinton Free Falling As Trump Is On The Rise

July 14, 2016Jul 14, 2016

Just recently Hillary Clinton was given a free pass by the FBI and the Department of Justice when they decided not to press charges despite admitting that she broke the law by possessing classified material on an unsecured server and sharing the information with people who did not have the proper clearance. Despite the free pass, Clinton can’t shake free from the public perception that she is crooked.

The stigma coupled with Bernie Sander’s recent endorsement of Hillary has poked holes into her candidacy and her campaign is taking on water. According to the Daily Caller, new polls show that Trump has closed a double digit deficit and is now running neck and neck with Clinton in the race for the presidency.

The new poll published by CBS and the New York Times reveals that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are tied. Each has 40% percent of the vote. That is a quite a fall for Hillary who had previously been around 50% in the poll from April. Last month Clinton had fallen to 43%. While Clinton dropped 3% from last month, Trump has risen 3% from last month when he was polled at 37%. 

Do you think this trend will continue?