Shocking New Poll Could Change Everything!

March 08, 2016Mar 08, 2016

ABC News and the Washington Post just released a new survey that could change everything!


They surveyed different questions nationally; one of them was the traditional survey in which they listed the different Republican candidates and asked who people preferred. Donald Trump came in first, as he has been for some time, with Ted Cruz second. Trump was ahead with 34% of the voters.

The real shocker came when the second set of questions was asked: What would happen if the race was down to just two people. If it was Donald Trump against Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz would win: 54% for Cruz versus 41% for Trump.

Even if it was Trump against Rubio, Trump would lose: 51% to 45%.

If this poll is correct, then Trump's whole strategy for success depends on keeping multiple opponents who will split the non-Trump vote. If it comes down to just Trump and Cruz, or Trump and Rubio, then Trump could lose.

Let's see what happens next!