SHOCKING: Major Shakeup In GOP As Wisconsin Primary Draws Near

March 31, 2016Mar 31, 2016

Less than a week before Wisconsin voters declare their choice of candidate to represent the Republican party in the general election, there is a major shift in the state.

Ted Cruz is polling with a double digit lead over Donald Trump. According to CNN, Cruz currently has 40% of the vote, Trump has 30% and Kasich is acting as a thorn in the side of both Cruz and Trump with 21% of the vote.

On the Democratic side of the ballot, Bernie Sanders holds a 4% lead over Hillary Clinton. Sanders has 49% and Clinton has 45%.

The new poll comes on the heels of Governor Scott Walker’s endorsement of Ted Cruz.  Despite the poll results, the state is very much up for grabs and the candidates will be hitting the campaign trail hard.