Shocking Debt Report: Trump's First Two Months Compared To Obama's

March 19, 2017Mar 19, 2017

On January 20th when President Trump was inaugurated into office, the US was $19,947 billion in debt. On the most recent date for US debt reporting, March 16th, the U.S. stands at $19,846 billion.

President Trump has cut the US Debt burden by over $100 billion in the first two months since he was inaugurated- a reduction of 0.5%! 


Obama increased the US debt by 3.9% during his first two months. He also signed the trillion-dollar "Stimulus" bill. Many consider this a huge failure and a waste of US tax dollars. 

This piece of legislature in Obama's first year led to the deficit of $1.4 trillion. Over his entire presidency, President Obama doubled the US debt and set records for the largest debt increase ever!

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