SHOCKING: College Forces Students To Fund THIS Illegal Activity

April 05, 2016Apr 05, 2016

Prescott College in Arizona has taken it upon themselves to reward people who come to America illegally.  The school recently announced that they will be offering a scholarship to illegal immigrants.

In rewarding illegal immigrants, the college is passing along the bill to the students. According to, the students of the college will be forced to pay a mandatory $30 fee that will go towards the illegal immigrant scholarship fund.

A large number of students signed a petition to reward criminal activity with scholarships funded by the students.  Many of the students however, were not pleased.

“I am an Arizona student and I am insulted by this fund,” Bryan Tracy said. “Here is the basic fact. They are undocumented, illegal. So, in fact they are criminals. They do not have rights of citizens and definitely should not get funding to go to school.”

“Those of us who became citizens the legal way are truly disgusted by this idea,” Tracy continued. “We worked hard to get where we are and they should have to do the same.”

Prescott President John Flicker heralded the new tax. “I am proud that our students take on the role of scholar activists,” Flicker said. “We’re committed to broaden access to higher education for a diverse group of students and mobilize our resources toward social justice.”

Do you agree with what Prescott College is doing? Should students be forced to fund illegal activity?