SHOCKING: Christian Bookstore Ad Pulled From Newspaper Because Of OFFENSIVE Word

August 01, 2016Aug 01, 2016

A Christian bookstore that was closing had their "going out of business" sale ad pulled from the local newspaper in Knoxville, Tennessee because of their flagrant use of an offensive word in the advertisement. The store owner who placed the ad was bewildered when she found out why her ad didn't run.

“[The classified ad employee] said our ad did not run because it contained an offensive word,” Lois McGinnis said, according to WVLT-TV News. “I asked what that offensive word was, and she said the offensive word was ‘Christian.’”

The only mention of "Christian" or any concept of Christianity in the ad is the name of the store: "Cedar Springs Christian Store."

On their Facebook store, the Christian bookstore mentioned the incident. Their fans, as well as readers of the News Sentinel, were so outraged that the newspaper was driven to apologize and print the ad. Despite McGinnis' claim, the News Sentinel said it was a complex technical error that resulted in the ad not initially appearing in print.

Publisher Patrick Birmingham responded, “The News Sentinel does not have a bias against Christianity or any other religion,” but did little to satisfy readers, some of whom cancelled their subscriptions."