SHOCKING: Another MAJOR Retailer Just Followed Target’s Lead

May 18, 2016May 18, 2016

Lisa Stickles was changing in the woman’s dressing room at Ross department store in Mesquite, Texas when all of a sudden a man appeared inside the dressing room. “He was in no way dressed as a woman,” Sickles said. “He had on jeans, a t-shirt, 5 o’clock shadow, very deep voice. He was a man.”

Stickles was disturbed and quickly left the dressing room to report it to the manager. According to CBS, the manager went to talk to the man. “She went inside the dressing room, came right back out and called me to the side and told me he was representing himself as a woman today,” Stickles said.

Not only did the manager fail to correct the situation and protect Stickles and other women safe inside the dressing room, she made the man the victim. Stickles said the manager told her “if I feel uncomfortable in the dressing room with him there, I’d have to wait until he’s finished.”

What is wrong with this country where it’s suddenly acceptable to allow men to invade what should be the most private and protected places for women. I’m adding Ross to the list of places I will not be shopping.