SHOCKING: 3rd Graders Taught About Boys In Dresses, School Defends Teacher

May 13, 2016May 13, 2016

The LGBT agenda is being pushed upon American citizens so hard against their will. It is now even being pushed upon young children at school without their parents knowledge or permission. 

The third grade class at Forest Hills elementary school in Ada Township, Michigan recently indoctrinated to idea of transgenderism. According to WoodTV, the 9 year olds were forced to listen as the teacher read “Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress.” 

The book is about a young boy who wears dresses, high heels, and make up to school. In the story, Morris is ridiculed for pretending he’s a girl but in the end the class comes to accept him.  The transgender propaganda is disguised as a children’s book, with pictures and all.

Army veteran Lee Markham whose son attends the school was furious to learn that his son and other vulnerable young boys were being told that it was acceptable to dress and act like a girl. “What the heck is going on?” Markham asked. “This book is not just talking about accepting another viewpoint, it’s promoting another life. If any of those kids weren’t thinking about wearing dresses, now they are.”

The Superintendent Daniel Behm tried to justify the teacher’s actions. “This book is not part of our typical curriculum but it was chosen with the teacher and the counselor after some students kept raising questions about some people dressed differently,” Behm said.

Instead of telling the students the truth, the school furthered the damaging agenda. Children that young are not capable of understanding the implications of such life altering decisions such as switching genders.

It is frightening and sad to see public education institutions going behind the backs of parents to promote a false narrative and politically correct agenda. Schools are supposed to safe places for children to learn, not liberal and politically correct indoctrination centers.