Shia LaBeouf Releases Statement After Arrest

July 13, 2017Jul 13, 2017

Shia LaBeouf, 31-year-old actor, was arrested in Georgia around 4:00 AM Saturday morning, July 8th of 2017. He was reportedly taken into custody after seen being extremely intoxicated in public. He was released on a $3,5000 bond later the same morning.

Following the recent arrest, TMZ released multiple videos of the actor cursing out police officers. In one video shared by IJR, LaBeouf tells an officer that he’s going to hell because ‘he’s a black man.’ He also accused the officer of arresting him ‘for being white’. Warning: The IJR link includes the full video of LaBeouf talking to cops at the police station, which contains a lot of profanity.

On July 12th, LaBeouf released a statement regarding his behavior via Twitter. He stated he was ‘deeply ashamed’ and ‘makes no excuses’. He also reveals that he has been struggling with addiction and is ‘actively taking steps towards securing his sobriety’. See his full apology statement below.

Many fans (and non-fans) were appalled by his poor behavior, especially because of his racist comment towards the police officer. Even Donald Trump Jr. shared the IJR article on Twitter titled, 'Anti-Trump celeb Shia LaBeouf's Racist Side Comes out With Black Cop in New Police Video.'

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