Missing Hiker Found ALIVE After 4 Days. Sheryl Powell Says She Got Lost Running From Man With Knife

July 16, 2019Jul 16, 2019

After a frantic four-day search, missing hiker Sheryl Powell was found alive. She got lost in California's White Mountains while on a hike with her dog near the Grandview Campground in the Inyo National Forest.

“A 60-year-old woman disappeared while camping in a remote area of California with her husband Sheryl Powell was last seen by her husband Joe on Friday afternoon. Joe said he went to re-park their car and when he came back, she was gone.”

“Her husband, Joseph Powell, said he was moving their Jeep while she walked their small dog when they both disappeared without a trace. He searched for nearly an hour for them, and then contacted authorities.”

Authorities report that her little pup Miley was located 2.5 miles from where they found Powell.

"WONDERFUL NEWS! "Inyo County Sheriff's confirm missing hiker Sheryl Powell has been found ALIVE by a ground search and rescue team! This just hours after her dog Miley was also found alive. She has been taken to a hospital to be checked out! Yay!"

In an interview after she was rescued, Powell described her would-be attacker as “a burly, bald ‘big guy’ with tanned skin.

"He really just surprised me and scared me," she said. "I thought my dog was going to be hacked up by him."

The 60-year-old California woman said she eventually was able to run away from the man and survived by drinking water from a small spring.

Law enforcement has not identified the man in questions and announced that they have no information to release to the public at this time, although the circumstances surrounding her disappearance are under investigation by the Inyo County sheriff's office.

“The White Mountains lie east of the Sierra Nevada range and northwest of Death Valley National Park. Grandview Campground is at an elevation of 8,600 feet near the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, 230 miles north of Los Angeles.

“It is prized by stargazers for sky vistas far from city lights, according to the Inyo National Forest. The nearest civilization is a 16-mile drive to the town of Big Pine down in Owens Valley.

"The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest has trees that are more than 4,000 years old, the oldest in the world.”

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