Sheriff Clarke Says What Would Happen If The Democrats ‘Truly Cared About Black People’

August 05, 2016Aug 05, 2016

Sheriff Clarke is never afraid to speak his mind and bring common sense back into the public discussion. During an appearance on Breitbart Daily this past Friday, the people’s sheriff opened up about the Democratic party and why they are so out of touch with what is going on in the country.

Sheriff Clarke addressed the party’s constant pandering to the anti-police ‘Black Lives Matter’ organization. “If the Democrat Party truly cared about the lives of black people, they would support the police,” Sheriff Clarke said, “who are the only group that goes on a daily basis down into these crime-ravaged ghettos, to protect who? The lives of good, law-abiding black and brown people.”

Going beyond just supporting the police, Sheriff Clarke pointed out that Democratic policies are hurting black people where they live. “If Democrats as a party truly cared about black lives, they would unshackle these kids from these failing public schools in these American ghettos, and they’d get behind things like school choice and the voucher program, like Trump has vowed to do,” Sheriff Clarke said, “to give these struggling parents a chance to break this generational cycle of poverty, by getting their kids a great education.”

Before Democrats can even truly care about a person, Sheriff Clarke believes the party must first acknowledge that everyone is in fact a person. “If they truly cared, the Democrats as a party, if they truly cared about the lives of black people, first of all, they would have been on board in terms of defunding Planned Parenthood,” Sheriff Clarke said. “Planned Parenthood has aborted more black babies than any other demographic.”

Do you agree with Sheriff Clarke?