Sheriff Clarke REVEALS What Drew Him To Donald Trump And What Americans Truly Want

August 05, 2016Aug 05, 2016

Sheriff David Clarke is the common sense sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. He is also an extremely vocal conservative and one of the few elected officials to openly stand up to Obama and other liberal officials and their policies.

He recently spoke at the Republican National Convention and has endorsed Republican nominee Donald Trump. In an interview with Breitbart, Clarke was revealed what drew him to Trump. “What attracted me to Donald Trump, we have to break up this Washington Cartel,” Clarke said. “They are so disconnected from what’s going on down here at ground level, and what we really need.”

Clarke then revealed what the majority of Americans truly want. “Here’s what we want at ground level: we want safer borders, we want a closed border, we want safer streets, we want jobs. We want them to get this economy going.”

“We’re done with the Washington way,” Clarke continued. “We’re done with these elitists, we’re done with the donor class, we’re done with the party elites. We want this country back. We have to break up this cartel, and Donald Trump is the only one that tapped into that.”

Do you want what Sheriff Clark wants?