Sheriff Clarke Calls Out The Mainstream Media For Their Role In The Milwaukee Riots

August 16, 2016Aug 16, 2016

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke believes that the mainstream media deserves a lot of the blame for the anti-police riots that happened in Milwaukee after a black police officer shot an armed black man this past weekend. According to the Daily Caller, Sheriff Clarke believes the media is as guilty as the rioters and looters.

On Tuesday, Sheriff Clarke appeared on Fox and called out the liberal mainstream media for their agenda driven reporting. “I’ll tell you what’s going on as well beneath the surface,” Sheriff Clarke said. “You have an accomplice liberal mainstream media here in Milwaukee but this is also happening nationwide.”

One such example of the liberal media being an accomplice is CNN censoring the victim’s sister during the riots. CNN portrayed the woman as calling for peace, showing a small clip of her saying “don’t bring that violence here.” If they had shown the whole video, the audience would have seen her tell the rioters to not burn down their own community, but instead take the rioting to the suburbs and burn down the suburbs.

Sheriff Clarke reprimanded the media for being “afraid to ask this dysfunctional underclass for some self-evaluation and to encourage them to self-criticize about some of the behaviors that they engage in that were on display the other night. Threatening people with firearms, taking property by force, things like that are some of the dysfunctional behaviors that we saw.”

The mainstream media also largely ignored the racist anti-white rhetoric and violence that was running rampant in the aftermath of the police shooting.