Shep, Austen Joke About Madison Keeping Fiance Off ‘Southern Charm’

Charleston’s complicated dynamics continue. While Craig ConoverThey seem to have made amends with Madison LeCroyBefore the season 8 premiere of Southern Charm, Shep Rose Austen Kroll can’t exactly say the same.

“The thing about our show and people who have been on the show and — now Austen [is] in a little different boat with Madison because they dated and it was complicated — but if I see somebody — and I think Craig’s the same way — we see anybody that’s been on this show with us in the past, or currently, you just give them a hug,” Shep, 42, exclusively told Us Weeklyat the NBCUniversal upfront Presentation on Monday, May 16. ”[You say], ‘How are you doing?’ Because you feel like you’ve been through a lot of the same things together. … So I have a camaraderie with almost everybody who’s been on the show. And even if it’s not like, ‘Hey, let’s go on a weekend together.’ If I see ’em, if I see anybody, I’d give ’em a big hug.”

The However, RelationShep alum couldn’t help but throw a little bit of shade when asked about Madison’s fiancé, Brett Randle — and her recent remarks that the Southern Charm cast wouldn’t be invited to her upcoming nuptials.

“Oh no!” he quipped to Use. “I had so many high hopes. No. I’m tired of going to weddings, so thank you, Madison, for not inviting me.”

Shep Rose and Austen Kroll. Madison LeCroy
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The hairdresser also made it clear that her man, who she got engaged to in October 2021, wouldn’t be part of the Bravo show.

“Does he exist is the question,” Shep told Use. “He’s a hologram.”

Austen, who dated Madison on and off for years, subsequently admitted, “I actually didn’t even know his name.”

When Shep noted that Austen, 34, and Madison’s relationship was still “pretty frosty” post-split, the “Pillows and Beer” podcast cohost added, “We don’t really orbit each other much.”

Austen has, however, continued to move on Southern Charm newbie Olivia FlowersWho made her debut on Monday’s season 8 trailer.

Shep Rose Jokes Madison LeCroy Fiance Is a Hologram Instagram

Madison LeCroy
Madison LeCroy/Instagram

“Olivia is this lovely, lovely woman who is now a cast member, which we can say. I’m just so excited for people to meet her. … She truly, in my opinion, brings the charming back to our show. She is exactly the type of person we should have around. It was so exciting! [to have her on board],” the Kings Calling Brewing founder told Us. “I’ve known her now for a year and a half. You’ll be able to see where it begins and then where it ends. And it certainly is some ebb and flows as I’m trying to figure it out.”

Southern CharmBravo returns to Bravo on Thursday, June 23rd at 9:15 p.m. ET.

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