Former Child Star Caught Stealing, Arrested Once Again

December 10, 2018Dec 10, 2018

Sadly, Hollywood actor Shaun Weiss has been arrested once again. The troubled actor is now facing charges after stealing at a local drug store.

Weiss, 40, is best known for his role on the Disney movie "Mighty Ducks." In the film, he played the goaltender named Goldberg.

According to TMZ, Weiss was arrested for shoplifting more than $200 worth of merchandise from a Rite Aid in Los Angeles. Law enforcement told the news outlet that he will now be facing a petty theft charge in addition to a probation violation.

Back in August, Weiss was arrested for public intoxication. Following his arrest, he entered rehab in an effort to help with his destructive behaviors.

“At this time, in an effort to break free from the self destructive patterns of behavior and drug abuse that have landed me at rock bottom," he wrote in a Facebook post. 

“I have checked in to a well reguarded [sic], long term rehabilitation center. I have surrendered to the reality that without immediate treatment my life is in eminant [sic] danger,” he went on to say.

In 2017, just days after being released from jail for a previous crime, he was arrested again on drug charges.

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