Shaun White Reveals What It’s Like To Eat Like An Olympian

Beijing hosts the Olympic Games. It would be reasonable to expect Beijing to offer world-class treatment to world-class athletes. Shaun WhiteThe legendary snowboarder representing the United States, ”, gives us an insight into the type of food available.

Inside The Village

The Olympic Village is home to 2874 athletes from all around the globe. Beijing has built a new village near the National Olympic Sports Center, after the village was used for the 2008 Summer Games. Between constant COVID-19 test, athletes need to eat.

Tiktok has been an unofficial partner of Olympic games because many athletes use it to show viewers around the village. White was asked by some commenters to show them the food. He did not disappoint.

Offers Galore

White shows that catering requires people to remain covered-up and gloved. He says there’s “literally everything:” a salad bar, Chinese cuisine, Asian cuisine, pizza and pasta, and a specialty stand. There are even more options we don’t get to see. The Olympians are given a tray to hold and then wait in line just like the rest of us.

“The food’s really good,” White says, “so I’m gonna get some.” Others at the Village have a very different opinion. Korean athletes complain about the food is bad, and the open spaces with many Olympians aren’t safe. Luckily for them, there isn’t just one option.

Olympians can also choose to receive room service. This should keep them safer, but that’s only faint praise. Some athletes in quarantine have called out Beijing for its “inedible meals” and lousy COVID-19 measures. It’s safe to chalk this up as a mixed review.

What About… Other Amenities

The Olympic Village is a famous place for sexual activity. The mixed message sent by Tokyo organizers caused some controversy last year. They pledged to provide more than 150 thousand condoms for souvenirs. This tradition was established in 1988 during the AIDS crisis and has been maintained ever since.

Condoms are available provided to athletesAll of the above are free. It appears that every Beijing room, except quarantine spaces, has five prophylactives with Olympic logos. This means that condoms are found in every room of the village, with tens to thousands of them.

Restaurants don’t always get only positive reviews. White’s video shows that at least there are safety measures and numerous options being provided, even if not everyone is satisfied.

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