Tears and Prayers Flood in for Osbourne Family After Sharon Announces Heartbreaking News

May 02, 2019May 02, 2019

Sharon Osbourne is a famous face across the globe. As the wife of the iconic rockstar, Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon has been in the public eye and spotlight for years.

Recently, her husband was hospitalized and said to have been battling some serious health issues. Now, Sharon has revealed some heartbreaking news about her own life that has prayers flooding in from across the world.

Sharon opened up in a recent interview about a dark time in her life. She says she actually tried to take her own life three separate times in the past.

“I was joking about this but I shouldn’t, talking about my depression, and it’s like, you know saying, ‘Oh, the first time I tried to kill myself was OK, the second — all right, the third time, oy!'” she said. "But it’s like, I’m still here. I still do what I do and you struggle."

Sharon went on to discuss her battle with depression. She credited her dark mental state for causing her to want to end her own life.

“I wish everybody could think flowers and daisies and princesses, but you can’t,” she said.

Depression is an extremely serious topic. Millions of people suffer from it each year. One thing that can help is opening up and talking about it. There is strength in sharing your feelings with others and asking for prayer. Sharon says she never opened up about her mental health because no-one had ever asked her how she was doing.

"Some days are better than others, and some days you feel like you just want to pull the sheets over your head and just stay in that bed and not do a damn thing … except rot,” she said.

Please join us in praying for the Osbourne family and for anyone who is battling depression around the world. A suicide prevention hotline can be reached at 1-800-273-8255 24 hours a day.

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