Sharon Osbourne Shares Heartwarming Video Of An Elephant Getting A Prosthetic After Losing Leg To Landmine

Sharon OsbourneMusic manager, TV personality, and wife to Ozzy, legendary rocker. shared a heartwarming video on Instagram. The clip features Mosha, a beautiful elephant.

The land mine explosion caused the elephant’s right foreleg to be severed. She was walking close to the border of Myanmar, Thailand, when she stepped onto the landmine. She was seven months when she lost her right leg, and two years when she received her first artificial one. She’s received several prosthetic legs over the years. As Mosha’s grown, the prosthetics have obviously become bigger and more sophisticated. 

Mosha Makes History

Dr. Therdchai JivacateAn orthopedic surgeon, he had typically worked with People Prosthetic limbs were needed. To make sure that everyone could afford them, he even designed a prosthetic from recycled yogurt containers.

He became aware of the young elephant named Mosha and decided to take up the case. With the help of the people from the Friends of the Asian Elephant HospitalThey made an artificial limb that Mosha could use, at least temporarily. Due to her size and weight, a new prosthetic was required every few years. “This is a challenge for me too. Each time we fix it we make it better. It’s more sturdy, stronger,” Jivacate shared to Great Big Story. Mosha has had at least 10 prosthetic legs ever since her first. Although she was the first elephant to be fitted with the life-saving prosthesis in its entirety, she wasn’t the last.

Motola and Other

Motola, another elephant at The Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital1999, she stepped on a mine. According to the 2012 movie entitled, She was probably a victim of logging. Eyes of Thailand, which documented Mosha and Motola’s journeys.

Dr. Jivacate has helped thousands, including animals and humans, by creating more than 20,000 prosthetic legs, according the Dr. Jivacate. Canadian Multicultural Inventors Museum. Dogs, cats, birds, and of course humans, have all benefited from Dr. Jivacate’s industrious work and genius.